The Right Coast

April 03, 2004
Scouting in San Diego
By Tom Smith

The ACLU is out on its mission to do evil, this time in San Diego. See this piece in the American Spectator co-authored by local Federalist Society attorney Mark Pulliam. It the ACLU knew anything about Scouting, they'd know it is mainly about giving working class, often minority kids the opportunity to accomplish something, play some games and maybe spend a little time telling stories around the campfire. Because the Scouts think it might be a problem to send boys out into the woods with adult gay men, the ACLU wants to shut the Scouts down. Anyone who thinks it's not a problem, hasn't spent much time blogging gay sites. If the ACLU hurts a bunch of kids without a lot else in their favor in the process, well, you can't make omlettes without breaking a few little hearts.

I would say the ACLU should be ashamed of itself, but we all know that is asking for the impossible. They could file the lawsuit that caused the Earth to fall into a cosmic black hole, and as the planet circled the gravity drain, they would be congratulating each other on their devotion to principles, ever changing though they might be to suit whatever wind is blowing from the left. All you have to do is spend a little time with ACLU lawyers, and you quickly figure out they do not worry about the costs of their actions. They are every bit as fanatical as the most glass-eyed, Bible thumping fundamentalist. The idea that they are fearless defenders of individual rights is a canard. Most of their actions can be explained by a deep-seated hostility to Christianity and to religion more generally, and that weird identification with criminal defendants (or just criminals) I have always found mysterious. Their history explains a lot, that of a moldy, old hard-left organization that figured out the advantage of posing as defenders of the Constitution. Now they are just a relic, but that doesn't mean they aren't dangerous and full of evil energy, like the one in that horror movie. What do you do if you are a front organization with nothing to front for anymore? It's a good thing we have a First Amendment, or the folks in the ACLU would be fighting to prohibit religion altogether.