The Right Coast

April 27, 2004
O those weapons of mass destruction
By Tom Smith

The good news is that 80,000 people were not killed in Jordan. The bad news is that we will have to keep listening to how WMD fears were exaggerated.

It's not too early to try out some possible rationalizations, however:

1. The WMDs were not where Bush said they would be.
2. The WMDs are in Syria, therefore by international law, they are no longer Iraqi WMDs.
3. There are lots of WMDs, but Bush based his conclusions that there were WMDs on faulty intelligence.
4. WMDs have nothing to do with Bush's national guard service.
5. The Palestinians do not have tanks and helicopters, therefore they have to rely on terrorists with chemical weapons.
6. We would not be in this mess now but for America's support of the Mongol invasions in the 13th century.
7. Chemical weapons are very biodegradable.
8. Why do they hate us?
9. Can over 50 former British diplomats possibly be wrong?
10. [write yours here]