The Right Coast

April 15, 2004
New Tax law blawg
By Tom Smith

Paul Caron, professor of law of the University of Cinncinati, has a new blawg on tax law.

I always envy tax lawyers. Tax law seems so orderly and precise compared to corporate law and constitutional "law". Unfortunately, you have to be very smart and also very organized, hard working and organized to be a tax lawyer. I did tax law for a few weeks in the giant law firm which tolerated, ah, employed me for a few years, but it was too hard. Maybe tax law blogging will allow those of us who like to consume a little tax law now and then to do that.

Speaking of taxes, I wrote the check this morning and am feeling a bit suicidal, but hopefully that will go away. I know taxes are the price we pay for a civilized society, but my question is, so where's the civilized society?