The Right Coast

April 16, 2004
I'm really sorry I'll have to miss this . . .
By Tom Smith

The ACLU at the [University of Chicago] Law School presents:


International Abortion and Reproductive Rights Issues

Professor Martha Nussbaum will be speaking on whether women in developing countries should have a right to abort female fetuses for the purpose of ensuring male progeny.

Via Will Baude.

This is one of those really tough questions. We all know abortion is a good thing and killing male not-babies is fine, even a positive good. But what if the good thing (killing not-babies) is being done in order to accomplish a bad thing (having male "persons"). A brain twister to be sure. Good thing we have profound thinkers to enlighten us on this subject. Here's my answer. It's OK to kill male not-babies, but not OK to kill female not-babies because [insert tendentious, mind-numbingly complex, utterly implausible, jargon-ridden, self-serving, result-oriented, unprincipled feminist argument here]. There. I just saved you a trip to Chicago. If I have jumped to a false conclusion, please forgive me. I was an unwanted child (at least during my teenage years).