The Right Coast

April 26, 2004
Help me! I'm too hot!
By Tom Smith

My day so far. Wake up. Feel horrible, because it was too hot to sleep last night, and possibly also suffering from cabernet fever. About to leave for school when . . . Windstar has a flat tire. Very flat. So Heidi (I am my children's nanny's employer) takes kids to school in her new F-250 crew cab, with off road package and 6 litre v-8 turbo deisel engine (envy, yes), while I wait for AAA guy to arrive. I pay for it, so I don't change tires. Arrives, is nice, changes tire and observes brakes are almost done. All the tires are almost done. Drive to garage on donut tire. Heidi follows. Emile at Union 76 calls later with estimate. All tires done; 4 new tires, about $400. Plus allignment. Plus brakes all around. Change oil, which is overdue. Adds up to just under $1000. Jesus wept. I am not even awake yet.

Just so I can feel better, it is unbelievably hot. Well over 100 in the sun, probably 96 in the shade. Could turn on AC in house, but I'm too cheap, not to mention poor. I cannot figure out how to get my Digital8 sony camcorder to talk to my computer. Ate too many pancakes over the weekend and feeling really fat. Still smarting from April 15. They call it Monday for a reason.

Various students have said, "wait till you're in a good mood to write the exam!" That would not be today.