The Right Coast

March 20, 2004
Weird Science
By Tom Smith

This is pretty weird. Apparently in Minnesota, kids will now be taught that evolution is just one of at least two "scientific" theories accounting for such things as marine iguanas and puffer fish. I suppose this means if you want to learn evolution, and not the book of Genesis in biology class, you'll have to go to a Catholic school. I admit I find this pretty rich. Maybe we'll repeat history, in which the Irish monks preserved civilization through the dark ages.

I looked at my sixth grader's science book the other day, curious about its treatment of evolution. The book discussed evolution, but not very well. One argument in favor of teaching evolution and teaching it well is that it is very interesting. There are lots of great computer simulations that would appeal to kids, for one thing.

Another thought that occurs to me is that if it were easier for kids to study their own religion while in school, there might be less pressure to inject it into inappropriate places, such as science classes. Why shouldn't Christian kids be able to take a Bible study class in a public school? Because the ACLU and federal judges won't let them, but how would such a class hurt rather than help their education? If there were such classes, then religion teachers could tell them the theory of evolution was false, and biology teachers could shoot back with evidence and arguments. Kids could decide for themselves. Now instead, at least in Minnesota, they will have every right to be confused as to what scientists actually think.