The Right Coast

March 19, 2004
NRO needs to clean up its act
By Tom Smith

In the intelligent design kerfuffle over at Brian Leiter's site and National Review Online, Brian's opponents seem to be striking below the belt. Read all about it over there, but in a nutshell, a graduate student of the Intelligent Design scientist posing as an independent journalist attacked Brian in a piece published by NRO. Of course, the conflict came out, thus discrediting the attack. Nobody enjoys a good, honest fight more than I, and Brian, as you have no doubt noticed, can take care of himself, but even in the Wild West of the blogosphere, certain rules have to observed. One of them is you can't pretend to be something you're not. You don't have to reveal that you are a dog, but you can't hold yourself out as something else. Or so it seems to me.