The Right Coast

March 07, 2004
Middle class economic anxiety
By Tom Smith

I think Mort Zuckerman is right on in this essay (via What would help two-income middle class workers (in particular lower middle class workers--those struggling to stay in the middle class) is deep tax cuts for everyone with joint incomes below $200 or $150K, policies to improve public schools, and privatizing social security. But of course, politicians of both parties get very nervous when letting people keep the money they've earned means they will have less to play with. Then they revert to type. Democrats define two teachers or an insurance salesman and a grocery clerk with three kids, living in a house with one bathroom and 2 five-year old cars, as "rich." Republicans explain that some some tax break tailored for helium refiners in North Texas will put people to work and promote growth, when it just some lobbyists' scam.