The Right Coast

March 21, 2004
I'm worried. How about you? Are you worried?
By Tom Smith

The New York Times is impossible to parody. Check this out. The Times dishes out a story on how both Republicans and Democrats are "worried" about the harsh tone the campaign is taking. What this really means, of course, is that the Times is worried that Bush's attacks are scoring, as they are. Kerry is turning out to be one of those guys who can dish it out but can't take it. Such a charming trait.

What Republicans are worried. Two guesses. That's right. John McCain, that flinty individualist, that rock of integrity, that roarin' Commie-defying man of iron. I am so sick of McCain. That fact that his self-promotional instincts stop him from ever following anybody does not make him particularly admirable. And Chuck Hagel. Please. Is there any issue on which he does not have an opinion? What chances would his mother have if she stood between him and a TV camera?

The Times has been joyously running negative stories on Bush and his policies everyday for months, as is their right and by now their accepted role. So Bush has a rally, Cheney gives a speech, Kerry pouts in Sun Valley, surrounded by Secret Service agents he abuses and various idle rich sorts, and all of a sudden, it's oh dear, have we huwt youw feewings, John?

The putative concern is, negative campaigning depresses turnout. Oh yeah, just like it did in 2000. What a joke.

I miss the old Democratic party. Can you imagine HHH whining about negative campaigning? LBJ practically invented it. Kerry can get together with his pals at the Times and play beanbag if he doesn't like getting some of what he's been tossing.