The Right Coast

March 04, 2004
For SoCal readers only
By Tom Smith

I guess it was a nice day in Tennessee so Glen Reynolds decided to blog about it. We've have had a lot of rain recently but yesterday was nice. So was today. Tomorrow looks pretty good too. In general, March is lovely here. April is really nice. May is beautiful, in a warm, sunny sort of way. June is pretty warm. You have to wear shorts and a T-shirt. If you can stand high 70's and breezy it's good though. Oh, right. "June gloom" It's cloudy on the coast in the mornings. But then there's July. Watch out for July. It's warm and sunny. September is really hot here. Good thing we have that pool. Oh, well. You get the idea. It may be boring, but it's the kind of bored I like to be. If I never have to suffer through another summer in DC it will be too soon. I'm a San Diego weather snob. But we have firestorms and earthquakes, so I guess it evens out.