The Right Coast

March 25, 2004
Deliberation Moment
By Tom Smith

As an alternative, I propose that Congress appropriate $500,000, to be paid to Bruce Ackerman on the condition that he not come up with any dumb ideas for a period of one year.

Some ideas just create negative externalities. Famous professor proposes dumb idea. Across the country millions of American pause and think, hmmmm, that seems like a dumb idea. In sum, thousands of man-hours are wasted, time that could have been spent shaving, or recording sports shows, or sweeping out the garage. This is just wrong. $500,000 would be money well spent.

I'm sorry. Maybe there's something wrong with me. I went to Yale Law School and attempted to take a class from Prof. Ackerman and ended up dropping it because after listening to R.M. Hare, Jeremy Waldron, Ronald Dworkin, HLA Hart and Charles Taylor at Oxford, it was just too depressing. I went around thinking, "why does everybody think this guy is so smart?" I still do not understand. It's not just politics. Some conservatives think he's smart. I admit he is very charming if you can stand to suck up to him like your life depends on it. But not everyone has that kind of energy. What if you just ate?

Well, you all have your deliberation day. I've got a garage to clean.