The Right Coast

March 24, 2004
Beginning of end for Kerry?
By Tom Smith

Dick Morris may have odd sexual tastes (who can forget 'bark like a dog'?) but I've long thought he has acute political judgment. This NY Post piece via realcl is well worth reading. I'm on record as thinking that the election would be close, but maybe I'm wrong. I hope so. I just keep remembering how many votes Al Gore, not exactly one of nature's charmers, managed to get. More, even, than Bush.

Did you know the Kerrys or the Kerry-Katchups or whatever they're called, live in a house in Sun Valley that was disassembled in Europe, shipped to the US, than reassembled? Assuming this is actually true, and it seems too awful to be really true, it bothers me. As I mention every chance I get, I grew up in Idaho, and it is one of the tree capitals of the world. Boise means trees. Ever heard of Boise Cascade? We are very proud of our wood. It offends me that someone should think it necessary or desirable to disassemble some Euro-shack, ship it to my home state, and put it together again. We have lots of nice wood and we know how to build houses with it, even big ones.

I would be happy with a constitutional amendment which provided that no one who lived in a house that had been taken apart in Europe, shipped here, and put back together again, may be President. Talk about conspicuous consumption. And not to mention phoniness. Here's a fun fact. Sun Valley is not in Europe. But maybe John needs it to feel more comfortable.