The Right Coast

February 27, 2004
Why is Dowd not funny?
By Tom Smith

Talk about a bad gig. Having to read Maureen Dowd, whether you feel like it or not. Lady Tee-Hee is pretty good, though.

MD had a funny column years ago on the Supreme Court arguments in Bush v. Gore, the theme of which was in part how transparently partisan were all the justices. I think I am still capable of laughing at jokes made at conservatives' expense, if they are any good. They should retire her and let David Brooks try to be funny. He comes across as nice Uncle Puffy, but he is actually a pretty mean guy in lots of ways: Just look at Bobos in Paradise. He thinks the worst of lots of different kinds of people. Funny, but wrong. But still funny.

But what do I know. I find Shakespeare's comedies unbearably tedious, even though I know that makes me a Phillistine. Mistaken identity, who will marry whom, word play. I just don't care. Killing yourself so as to avoid sitting through Love's Labours Lost should not be considered a sin. Give me a tragedy any day.