The Right Coast

February 07, 2004
SFGate on boobgate
By Tom Smith

The writer of this piece in SFGate on Ms. Jackson's escapade is overwrought but amusing. Thanks to Brian Leiter for the link.

Personally, I found the most deeply disturbing thing about the whole performance watching Justin Timberlake or whatever his name is try to dance. The only white guy on the stage who could dance was wearing a leather corset and looked like he could bench 400 pounds. For all I know he may be drafted next time around. He looked like tight end material. Ooops. Ahhh. No pun intended.

All I know is that it was, shockingly enough, a pretty good game. Like Professor Rappaport, I Tivo'ed it and had to go back to watch the infamous mammiary pop on replay. The whole show was unbelievably tacky, as were a lot of the ads. But football has always been too good for most of its fans. Just look at the Raiders.