The Right Coast

February 22, 2004
Rain in San Diego
By Tom Smith

It's raining again today. Really raining. Native San Diegans love this sort of weather. My kids love it, and profess to want to move when they grow up to some place where it rains a lot. I tell them, there are plenty of those. When it rains, natives immediately build fires, rent movies, curl up and go on about how cozy it all is. On the very rare occasions it snows in the hills around here, they simply go insane.

My feeling, and that of many transplants is, been there, done way too much of that. One hour of rain and I'm, OK, enough of that, let's see some sun. Every gorgeous February day is making up for lost time, as far as I'm concerned. Between Ithaca, New Haven, England and DC, I put in some 16 years in the land of long, grey winters and short stifling summers. If I want culture, I read a book. It's February. Let a thousand flowers bloom.

On the upside, my TiVO has spontaneously repaired itself. I had diagnosed a hard drive failure. But apparently it was only some software corruption which the DVR recognized and actually fixed, just as the error message said it might. But who believes those things-- "Don't touch this and maybe it will fix itself, and maybe pigs will fly out of your butt, too." I prefer to see this welcome event as divine intervention. God heard my wails of despair and nudged a few electrons here and there and it's all back. He is merciful. I say He because I have a hard time believing a female deity would care that much about my television viewing, remote controls and related phenomena, I am given to understand, being more of a guy thing, and no other female of my acquaintance viewing my television habits as any more than tolerable. Thank you, Big Guy. This Bud's for You.