The Right Coast

February 16, 2004
My Favorite Statistics Joke
By Gail Heriot

Justice Antonin Scalia is visiting the University of San Diego School of Law today. Some of my fellow Right Coasters and I just came back from the faculty luncheon in his honor.

His visit reminded me of one of my favorite statistics jokes, which he told in connection with who-knows-what back when I was a student of his at the University of Chicago Law School. Since then I've repeated it with appropriate attirbution every time I get the chance (and you'd be surprised at how often this joke comes in handy to help flatten a flawed statisitcal argument).

Nino: "You know, I really beat the odds, I really did. I'm told that one out of four children born in the world today is Chinese. But I've got eight children and not one of them is Chinese."