The Right Coast

February 08, 2004
The last respectable prejudice
By Tom Smith

It's still socially acceptable apparently to discriminate against Catholics. Ask yourself whether the professor in question could have been sacked for similar statements about being a devout Muslim, Jew, feminist, socialist or whatever. I realized a long time ago that I at least probably have more intellectual freedom at my little Catholic university in the sunshine than I would have most places. When I was interviewing at the University of Oregon years ago I was shocked by one professor's remarks along the lines of "Catholics are a bunch of money grubbers," a prejudice I had not heard before. And I have had a similiar fear of no-God put into me at other distinguished academic institutions. Here at USD, I could probably go off on some rant about abortion or family values, offend the heck out of at least some of my students, and probably get nothing but support from my administration. That's nice, I think. (And thanks to instapundit for the pointer. Is it still necessary to hat tip sites that get a gazillion visitors a day?)