The Right Coast

February 20, 2004
International Comparison of Poverty
By Tom Smith

This appears to be data comparing poverty in absolute terms across the North American and European countries. (Go to the unofficial Right Coast typepad support site linked above and click on the link under "international comparisions of poverty." BTW, does anybody like my typepad banner? I thought it was really cool, but everyone I've showed it to so far hates it.) The US comes out having the lowest absolute poverty rate except for Canada. IMHO Canada would not be doing nearly so well if they couldn't free ride off of us and if need be resort to all those cold lakes teeming with fish. At any rate, this data, while somewhat dated, suggests European countries are much poorer than the US in absolute terms. Maybe I'm missing something. It happens. But I think this answers Brian's challenge.

The data is from Blackburn, International Comparisons of Poverty in the 1995 AER. You can download it from JSTOR, but you have to be coming from a qualified URL.