The Right Coast

February 19, 2004
Glenn Reynolds at home
By Tom Smith

The really appalling thing about this picture of Glenn Reynolds is how tidy his home appears to be. Is he a naturally tidy person? It is all very depressing. Both my wife and I tend to be a bit messy, but I think she is a much messier person than I am really, though she gets angry whenever I say this. All my piles tend to be of the same sort of thing. E.g. books, papers, clothes, etc., all in separate piles. My wife's piles actually sometimes mix species of things, which is an entirely higher order of messiness: clothes, then some papers, a kitchen implement, some photos, magazines, more clothes, and so on. The horrible thing is, I admire tidiness. I aspire to it. Really well organized things fill me with longing. We are, however, very clean. Messy is not the same as dirty. Then there are the four boys and two large dogs. I don't think my house has ever looked as tidy as Glenn's. My office is a mess too. Sigh.

But, we here at the Right Coast also have aspirations to switch to Typepad. You can, as Glenn shows, upload photos very easily, which would open to me a whole new dimension of the sort of vulgar humor I have been told law professors should be above. I agree with that sentiment; it is just that I suffer from frequent collapses of will power. I resolve to try to keep everything on this blog on a high plane, except when I just cannot help myself.