The Right Coast

February 24, 2004
Gay marriage politics
By Tom Smith

John Fund weighs in. My gut feeling is, he's wrong. I think rights asserted usually do better, and the politics of people standing up for themselves is often counter-intuitive, but who knows.

Gay marriage is an issue that makes me uncomfortable. I think that bottom line, I am for whatever would strengthen families, of the mom, dad and kids sort. Gay marriage might undermine that. Or, gay marriage might strengthen families. Married gay couples, especially if they had kids, might become more supportive of families than otherwise. Maybe gay couples would set a good example of fidelity. I am skeptical, but who knows. Or maybe they would do just the opposite. Maybe gay marriage would erode the already imperiled institution of marriage. Maybe gays getting married would just be a passing fad, like disco. Or maybe it would be the beginning of the end, with polygamy and who knows what else around the corner. I have no idea, and I don't see how anyone else could, either. You never see any facts cited in the debates. It's just Human Rights! Tradition! Human Rights! etc. etc.

Maybe we should try it in Oregon first and see how it goes.