The Right Coast

January 07, 2004
Just a teensy bit anti-Amuricin
By Tom Smith

The only hope for the planet is the isolation and neutralization of the United States by the international community. Policies to do so are underway in every democratic country on earth in quiet, unobtrusive ways. If the United States is not checkmated and nuclear war ensues, civilization as we know it will disappear and the United States will go into the history books along with the Huns and the Nazis as a scourge of human life itself.

This little jewel comes from Chalmers Johnson, who wrote Blowback: Why America should be destroyed (I just made up the subtitle).

Thanks to Brian Leiter for the pointer. Brian helps keep me from believing that everybody loves hamburgers, guns, fast cars, extremely high-tech weaponry, and gets teary eyed at "American the Beautiful." I didn't use to be that way. But then, on my mother's side there were some of those Irish U.S. Army types in the Oregon territory not known for their enlightened attitude toward imperialism. Maybe some of those genes have been triggered by middle age and excessive alcohol consumption.