The Right Coast

January 12, 2004
Her Life as a Blog Widow
By Michael Rappaport

Dan Drezner's wife has written a funny piece, called "My Life as a Blog Widow." Here is an excerpt:
    It's not that I'm anti-blog or anything.

    The scene in our house on an average day: Our son is yelling for something, dinner is on the stove -- which, to be fair, Dan likely cooked -- the dog is throwing up on the carpet. I look for my husband as some sort of help and he is tethered to the computer. I am thoroughly convinced that he will blog through the birth of any future children. I think I may have to ask Andrew Sullivan to coach me through my next delivery.

    As I have said, being married to one blogger has been difficult enough. Not only does my husband spend time working on this thing, but people actually read it -- no surprise to you, dear reader, but a hell of a shock to me. I'll listen to what Dan's saying maybe half the time -- on a good day.

    And I'm surprised by the audience members: a friend's dad, my closest friend from college, our neighbors. The blog recently came up at the condo board meeting! Don't these people own televisions?

    Now in our small community of academics and students, most of whom are liberal, everyone knows what Dan thinks. --Drezner is a Republican, Drezner worked for W., Drezner is a Halliburton apologist -- I constantly get dirty looks on the street. As a liberal, I know that many liberals think that Republicans are people who eat babies and kick puppies. For the record, I have never seen Dan do either, and I have watched carefully.
Well, certainly that never happens at my hourse, nor, I can attest, at Smith's. Neither of us ever cook dinner.