The Right Coast

January 08, 2004
Dr. Laura right for a change
By Tom Smith

I can't stand Dr. Laura. Sometimes she is all I can find on the radio, when my car is too much of a mess to find the next Teaching Company tape and I've listened to all my CD's past bearing. I'm convinced her real appeal is to sadists who enjoy listening to her berate the pathetic people who call her up. Her call screeners must select stupid people who will sit there and take her simplistic advice without complaint. Yesterday, for example, 12 year old Mandy called up to say her stepfather was verbally abusive. Without more, the doctor of plant husbandry or whatever here PhD is in, tells Mandy she should move across the country and live with real real father. But is her real father a drug addict? Employed? Might he also be abusive? For an authority figure to tell a 12 year to leave home on the basis of a 60 second conversation borders on the criminal, and is at least immoral.

That being said, it does sound like she understands something about men.