The Right Coast

January 14, 2004
Daily fix
By Tom Smith

George Will is unfortunately right about this. Could Dean win? Could any Democrat win? Of course they could!

Here's a blog from some guy who seems pretty well informed about California politics.

Tony Blakley at the Washington Times is deeply misguided about immigration, as most the conservatives seem to be. I hope to blog this substantively sometime in the future, but the same Californians who bitch about illegal immigration have their cars washed, their food produced, their houses cleaned, their children cared for, their lawns mowed, their dishes washed, their clothes made, and on and on, by illegal immigrants or people they would have to pay a lot more, were it not for illegal immigration. You want to raise taxes? Give us "secure borders." Illegal immigration may be illegal, but it is also our economic policy. It's time to put our mouth where our money is.

Here's some typical Republican over-confidence--Rich Lowry at the National Review. Yes, few Republicans are going to vote for Dean or Clark. Let's remember this when we're watching Woodstock on the Washington Mall. It's not about us. I couldn't watch Gore on TV without getting ill, and yet he won the popular vote. He would be president but for whatever passes for legal thought in the minds (sic) of Justices Kennedy and O'Connor.

Could Bush win California? Doubt it. But maybe force Dems to defend it.

Going back to the Moon and to Mars should get him the geek vote. Speaking of geeks, here's Michael Crichton's official site. The inimitable and invaluable Ron Bailey on Mars. Has some reservations. Ron's great, but never go out drinking with him the night before your first day at a new job, in any town where he knows the bars (which includes most).

And in Iran, the people . . . united . . . will never be defeated! Or as they say in Iraq, Liberty! Whiskey! Sexy! Wouldn't that be just fine! It's not too early for the left to start working on their spin that this is not really a victory for America and freedom. I wonder if the clerics would be willing to use WMDs on their own people? I guess it depends on what God tells them.

Friends is finally over, thank goodness. Too bad they didn't have an episode where they all eaten by large predators. Among other things, that show had a bad influence on women's hair styles.

Here's a sweet human interest story about a Palestinian mom.

Here's Krugman's latest op-ed. How many intellectually dishonest things can you find in this column? It's like playing I Spy with your kids.

Norwegian billionaire climber manages to kill himself in South Africa.

I think the final WTC memorial design looks kinda ugly, but what do I know.