The Right Coast

December 30, 2003
Tivo heaven
By Tom Smith

I can now record 140 hours of TV on my Tivo. Perfect for the James Bond marathon, every show about exotic, disgusting animals, incomprehensible Japanese cartoons for your children, the Lehrer news hour, K-1 fighting events to watch with your kids, cheesy Sci-Fi movie, ESPN classics from when football was football, and I could go on, and will. I was impressed by the prices at You give them money, and they send you the machine, just like they promise!

Speaking of disgusting animals, how about this? The male angler fish is about a hundredth of the size of the female. To mate, it attaches itself to the side of the female like a little leech. It is then literally absorbed into the body of the female until it is nothing more than a kind of wart with sperm in it. Somehow from there the female absorbs what it needs and reproduces. You can learn a lot from TV.