The Right Coast

December 30, 2003
Stock up before it's too late
By Tom Smith

The feds are banning ephedra it seems. I'm not too ripped up about it (little gym joke there). Here's a dirty little secret of gym rat culture. A lot of those ripped guys and gals you see at the gym? How did they get that way? A lot of them did by taking stimulants such as ephedra. It's popular because it works. You're so buzzed up, you can't wait to get from the bench press to the squat rack. But, you might get a heart attack and die. No pain, no gain. I've never taken ephedra, but I've talked to plenty of people who have. Most of the other stimulants on the market now are just expensively packaged caffine. It's cheaper to go to Starbucks. And that works too! Lots of people use caffine to get them over the hump between the couch and the gym. Maybe it's wrong to invade a country just because they have oil. But I hope no one would suggest we couldn't invade South America if they ever threatened to cut off the coffee supply.