The Right Coast

February 13, 2006
Making Israel Part of NATO?
By Mike Rappaport

The Wall Street Journal floats the idea of defending Israel from Iran by making it part of NATO. I suppose I have nothing against it, and perhaps it would help. But I surely hope that I am right in thinking that, if Iran were to attack Israel with nuclear weapons, there would be nothing left in Iran for NATO to do after Israel was done. I would be sorry for the innocent Iranians who would be harmed by this response, but responding to a nuclear attack with nuclear weapons is fair game. That, by the way, is a reason why the Iranians who oppose the government should be taking more action now. And why the US should be helping them more.

Of course, the world will no doubt blame the victims -- the Israelis -- as always. After all, the world treats the "occupation" of the territories as if it occurred in an offensive war of aggression, when in fact it involved Israel taking territories in a defensive war, territories by the way that were previously controlled by other "imperial" powers, not by the Palestinians.