The Right Coast

January 29, 2006
Worse than Stalin?
By Mike Rappaport

I caught the authors of this new book on Mao on C Span over the weekend, and they were quite impressive. Unfortunately, the book is more than 800 pages and so I won't be reading it. But they make a strong case than Mao was a fraud and monster from the beginning and responsible for the deaths of 75 million people. Here are a couple of "facts" from the book listed on Amazon:

Far from organizing the Long March in 1934, Mao was nearly left behind by his colleagues who could not stand him and had tried to oust him several times. The aim of the March was to link up with Russia to get arms. The Reds survived the March because Chiang Kai-shek let them, in a secret horse-trade for his son and heir, whom Stalin was holding hostage in Russia.

Mao caused the greatest famine in history by exporting food to Russia to buy nuclear and arms industries: 38 million people were starved and slave-driven to death in 1958-61. Mao knew exactly what was happening, saying: "half of China may well have to die."
And here is this from a controversial review of the book by Nicholas Kristof:

This is a magisterial work. True, much of Mao's brutality has already emerged over the years, but this biography supplies substantial new information and presents it all in a stylish way that will put it on bedside tables around the world. No wonder the Chinese government has banned not only this book but issues of magazines with reviews of it, for Mao emerges from these pages as another Hitler or Stalin.