The Right Coast

January 30, 2006
Even Michael Barone nods
By Mike Rappaport

Michael Barone rightfully criticizes the 70s, except for one thing:

Do you ever get the feeling, while listening to the political debate, that we're stuck in the '70s? The 1970s, that is, that slum of a decade which gave us the worst popular music, the ugliest hairstyles and clothes, and the most disastrous public policies of the 20th century.

The decade in which a Republican president imposed wage and price controls, the decade when we managed to have inflation and recession - stagflation - at the same time. The decade when crime and welfare dependency zoomed upward. A decade when Americans saw our diplomats seized - an act of war - and no effective force used to free them. A decade when a president was forced to resign in disgrace and when America lost its first war.
While I didn't like disco, music from the 70s was great, especially the earlier part of the decade, and in many ways better than the 60s. But that is just one man's opinion.