The Right Coast

December 18, 2005
Yet more on torture
By Tom Smith

Here is a long post at the Belgravia Dispatch on torture and all that. I gather Glenn Reynolds is getting slapped around a little bit by other Higher Being bloggers for not taking torture seriously enough. We here at the RC are little enough to say and think what we want, and all our critics can do is roll their eyes and wished they lived in San Diego. O, OK, that was cheap, but everybody has to feel superiour about something.

Greg at Belgravia is warning his readers that they must prepare themselves for the hysteria that will follow if there is another terrorist attack and it appears it might have been avoided by harsher interrogation of terrorist captives. Prepare themselves for what? Not having their feelings hurt? Or prepare for the terrorist attack itself? I probably need to read it again. I know how you could change attitudes in Washington in a big hurry. Let them know there was a big plan in the making and the target was none other than Congress itself. As it is, they are willing to take our chances, sort of vicarious courage.