The Right Coast

December 06, 2005
The Right Amount of Information
By Mike Rappaport

Tom complains that Glenn Reynolds provides too much information by discussing his colonoscopy. I must disagree. These are extremely valuable procedures, and the concerns that make some people not want to hear about it appear to lead some people not to have them.

As far as the procedure goes, it is not painful. Or more accurately, I don't remember it being painful. They give you a drug that has the effect of making you forget pretty instantly what you have experienced. I could have felt pain, but I don't remember doing so, and the next time I go for one, I won't anticipate pain. Eliminating the anticipation of and memory of pain, strangely, may eliminate more of the negative aspects of a procedure than actually eliminating the pain. My guess is that I would prefer the existing procedure to one where I anticipated pain and remembered having it, even though the procedure was actually pain free.

In any event, feel free to have a colonoscopy, if it is called for. It is good for your health and you won't feel -- or at least remember -- a thing.