The Right Coast

December 05, 2005
The Journal Editorial Report
By Mike Rappaport

The Journal Editorial Report, the opinion show of the Wall Street Journal Editorial page, has been cancelled by PBS. But happily it will move to Fox News in January.

PBS never really was happy with the conservative show, which they appear to have accepted in part out of political pressure. And so the Report moves to Fox News, where I suppose, in the biased world in which we live, it belongs.

The local PBS station in San Diego did not even run the Journal Editorial Report. When I complained to the station, the person answering the phone explained, "Our station manager chose not to run it, since it was so similar to other shows on television. We wanted something different." This was simply amazing. With the MSM and PBS consistently airing liberal shows, the idea that the Report was like everything else was absurd. My reaction, which I should have stated but did not, was that the station manager was an intellectual bigot: even a small number of conservative shows on the air, in the "ghetto" of Fox News, was too much. There was no way these cretins would be allowed to move into the ritzy neighborhood of PBS.