The Right Coast

December 08, 2005
Dirty War on HBO
By Tom Smith

I saw this show last night on HBO. It gives a chilling account of how easy it would be for Al Qaida terrorists to build and explode a "dirty bomb" in the heart of London, and what the effects would likely be -- hundreds of dead immediately, followed by many thousands of dead from cancers, not to mention ruined lives, lost jobs and hundreds of billions of dollars in damages. The movie is only about 90 minutes long and well worth watching. Somebody connected with HBO gets it. I wonder how this one slipped by the thought police. (spoiler ahead) There is a good, Muslim police detective who stands by unmoved as her colleague tortures (by holding his head underwater) a terrorist to try to get information about a pending explosion. In the context of the film, there is no doubt whatever he is justified in doing so.

I haven't been to London in 20 years. Looking at the skyline in the movie, I see it has really changed. Maybe I should visit again soon. I could always pretend to be Canadian.

Schedule info here.

This is funny. It's going to appear on PBS as well. They'll probably have a panel afterward in which experts explain to us that this is what comes from making terrorists mad.