The Right Coast

December 03, 2005
Boo hoo, Hollywood has discovered Christianity
By Tom Smith

Christian grass roots organizations are pulling out the stops to take the faithful to Narnia, and various anti-Christian zealots are in a pout. If it were just another movie about heads exploding, women in tight clothes being tied up, greedy white businessmen, or killing cops in da hood, that would be fine, swell, but make a movie that is allegorically Christian, and whose heros wield swords, and by golly, the pillars of Western Civilization are threatened, or, sorry, not threatened, which I keep forgetting is a bad thing. Disney is going to make a pot on money on this one, and I'm glad. For one thing, Disney can use it. It has had a tough decade.

I have been waiting for Hollywood to discover there is a ton of money to be made in more or less wholesome entertainment with something like a moral message. If they can just convince themselves it is not their mission to corrupt the young, they can be even richer than they already are. That TLOTR trilogy was such a blast of a success, but had to be made by a guy from New Zealand, who is now the biggest BSD in Hollywood, is itself both hilarious and gratifying. Could it be our culture is finally doing a little self-correction? Are we really going to swing from work, family, dad, school and America all suck, to sometimes you just have to jump on your steed, draw your sword with a name, and charge into the seething enemy? I am going to enjoy this.