The Right Coast

November 10, 2005
To each his own
By Tom Smith

Professor Rapport supports yoga. It would probably do me good, I admit. But this week I have started a "Spinning" class. I was not sure I would like it, but I do. This consists of 20 or so riders on high quality training cycles (they feel quite a bit like a real racing cycle). There is a leader who motivates you, as in the following:

This is aerobic conditioning, people! WHERE IS YOUR AEROBIC CONDITIONING?! This is not a "yoga class"! YOU ARE NOT HERE TO RELAX!! WHERE IS YOUR AEROBIC CONDITIONING?? Did you leave it at home?! Did you leave it at home on the couch?!!

And so on. Today's leader holds some kind of job in the Navy, and the workout definitely had a military flavor. He was actually a very good workout leader. This is accompanied by motivational music with a driving beat for climbing, fast beat for sprinting, slower for recovery, and so on. If you push yourself, you can definitely get a workout. In fact, you could probably kill yourself if you really tried. To get ready for the workout, I drink water, ingest about 200mg of caffeine via coffee and about 400mg via NoDoz. It helps to move me along. Research suggests it is just fine to do this, not harmful, and performance enhancing, so no paternalistic emails please.

Yes, I know, I have blogged about my bike, so why am I inside. Because this is conditioning, it will help me when I go back outside, and I need to take my bike to shop, and it is convenient, on my way to work, and it is motivating to be surrounded by a bunch of other people. And I may quit doing it. But so far, I must say, I like it quite a bit.