The Right Coast

November 18, 2005
A Man of Integrity
By Mike Rappaport

Our colleague, David McGowan defends Sam Alito in the Chicago Tribune. Here is an excerpt:

Supreme Court nominee Samuel Alito Jr. did not play fast and loose with judicial ethics rules in a 2002 appeal involving the Vanguard Group mutual fund company, as some reports suggest.

The truly important question is not whether the judge made an error, but how he responded when it was pointed out to him. You do not need to be a fan of Alito's jurisprudence (and one of us definitely is not) to recognize that he is a man of integrity.

In the final analysis, Alito showed admirable sensitivity to the question of recusal, agreeing to disqualify himself "in any case in which any possible question may arise." Other judges--and justices--would do well to follow that example.