The Right Coast

November 07, 2005
John Fund on voter fraud
By Tom Smith

John Fund was at the USD Law School Federalist Society today, talking about his new book on voter fraud, which sounds quite interesting.

Before the meeting, somebody said to him something along the lines of "I assume you were against Harriet Miers, but not willing to go as far as . . . Tom Smith." I took this to be a reference to my humorous invocation of a hypothetical nomination of Barney, W's cute but unqualified Scottish Terrier, known as a frisky but not particularly erudite breed.

Later, I complained to John, saying I would probably be known henceforth for that post. He said, "look at it this way; everyone is entitled to their 15 minutes of fame, and you still have 14 minutes and 45 seconds left." In this job, if you dish it out, you have to be able to take it.