The Right Coast

November 01, 2005
Halloween Special -- The haunted picture of Bill?
By Tom Smith

Some people say that on Halloween the veil that separates this world from the next grows thinner. That uncanny things tend to happen around this time at the end of October. Not just in graveyards, but in old houses sometimes too.

Old houses, like the White House, which many have said, over the years, has many visitors with bodies, and some, well, some otherwise.

Now it looks like there is perhaps a new White House mystery, a haunting by a President who is not even dead yet. A mysterious portrait, sort of like the picture of Dorian Gray. This is really weird, I'm telling you. W announced Judge Alito's nomination on Halloween in the White House. Now check out the picture of the event in the New York Times (or even better, in the print edition). You will notice on the right (as you look at the picture), that the Judge's pretty daughter is standing immediately in front of a large portrait of President Clinton. Now, look where the hand of Bill is. A coincidence? Perhaps. Or is it that even his portrait can't keep its hands to itself?