The Right Coast

November 05, 2005
Catholic School
By Tom Smith

Our fourth grader needs to do a saint report, and he was assigned St. Thomas Aquinas, the very important but notoriously difficult theologian and philosopher. He needs at least three sources and only two can be from the Web. Why not all from the Web? I don't know, but I know it is pointless to argue. So, now all I have to do is find that well known work Aquinas for 9 years olds, in the same series no doubt as Frege for Fourth Graders, Plato for Pre-schoolers and Russell for Rugrats. . . . Look mommy, I drew a picture that is a proposition because it refers to the bunny! No, dear, I don't think just referring to a thing constitutes a proposition. Yes, it does, mommy! It's an assertion that the object exists! Silly boy! just referring to a thing can't possibly be an assertion that it really exists! . . .