The Right Coast

October 09, 2005
Sullivan on Why Bush did it?
By Mike Rappaport

Tom linked to Andrew Sullivan's speculatation about why Bush nominated Miers. Here are Sullivan's words:

Why did Bush do it? Why, when he is already reeling after Katrina, soaring oil prices, out-of-control spending and chaos in Iraq, would he pick a fight with his base?

Bush is a proud and stubborn man. He’d been told by every right-wing pundit that he couldn’t put his favourite Hispanic crony, Alberto Gonzales, on the court. Over a week ago the Republican pundit John Podhoretz exclaimed: “Nobody on earth aside from Bush would actually consider Gonzales or Miers a suitable Supreme Court nominee.” Bush is not one to be cowed by right-wing hacks. So he gave them the proverbial finger.
Not a particularly flattering explanation. The problem is that I can't think of a flattering one.