The Right Coast

October 26, 2005
Postrel Against Miers
By Mike Rappaport

Virginia Postrel explains why she opposes Miers:

For whatever reason, the president has picked a woman who not only has no constitutional or judicial experience but even in her business practice has demonstrated no interest in the law as anything other than a source of billable hours. At 60 years old, she appears never to have had a substantive conversation about law or policy with any friend. She comes from a closed and cronyish legal and business culture and appears to have gotten ahead through a combination of networking, nose-to-the-grindstone diligence, and willingness to do her law firm's management, rather than legal, work.

Her selection is an insult to women, to evangelical Christians, and to corporate lawyers. Is this really the best these groups have to offer to U.S. Supreme Court?
I continue to be optimistic that this nominee will not be confirmed. But Bush needs to move quickly. While some claim otherwise, I believe he is coninuing to leak support from his base, where it really matters.