The Right Coast

October 09, 2005
Miers on Affirmative Action
By Mike Rappaport

Now it appears we have the smoking gun. Harriet Miers apparently supported and influenced the Administration's effort to approve affirmative action in the Gruter case! While Powerline explains that Bush approves of this position, that is not a justification. Bush is (mis)representing her as a solid conservative, but the Administration's position on Gruter is not a conservative (or libertarian) position.

Perhaps the concern is not that Miers will grow in office. Perhaps the concern is that she simply votes her views.

The evidence in this case comes from recollections from former Administration insiders, and so it is less reliable than something written. But in the case of Miers, we never have anything written.

This is very disturbing. It does appear that we are now once again facing a nomination of a David Souter or a Sandra Day O'Connor. The appropriate right wing response to this nomination seems clear.