The Right Coast

October 09, 2005
Loyalty and its Betrayal
By Mike Rappaport

It is said that the President's nomination of Harriet Miers was done out of loyalty -- that the President is loyal man, who rewards loyalty.

Sorry, I don't think so.

The President's nomination of Harriet Miers is about betrayal -- betrayal of those who have worked hard for him and who have supported his principles. The President promised nominees like Scalia and Thomas. He has broken that promise.

It is ironic that President Bush has done this. By all accounts, he has labored hard to avoid the mistakes of his father. Yet, here he appears to commit the two great mistakes of his father in a single act. First, George H. W. Bush broke his promise not to raise taxes, doing so out of a failure to appreciate how important it was for him to fight for his stated principles. Second, George H. W. Bush appointed David Souter, even though there were other nominees who were clearly better at the time.

George W. Bush has broken his promise to appoint justices like Scalia and Thomas, and we may just end up with a justice like Souter or O'Connor.