The Right Coast

October 14, 2005
A Justice with Class
By Mike Rappaport

Mathew Scully, a former speech writer for President Bush, attempts to defend Miers in the New York Times. He is no doubt a good speech writer, but the substantive arguments are well, pathetic. Much of the piece follows the tactic that the best defense is a good offense: attack the critics. When it comes to defending Miers, he has this argument:

Overlooked in all this caviling is the actual ability and character of the person in question. Indeed, about the best quality to recommend Harriet Miers just now is that she is not at all the sort of person who goes about readily and confidently dismissing other people as third-raters, hacks and mediocrities. She has too much class for that.
Look, if we want class or personability, then we might want William Brennan. By all accounts, the man was extremely likeable; someone you would meet and walk away thinking, this is a great guy. But Brennan was a disaster for the Constitution. I know the White House doesn't want to speak to the issue of whether she has the qualifications to be an excellent conservative nominee, but that is the issue, isn't it?