The Right Coast

October 03, 2005
By Mike Rappaport

The more I think about the Miers selection, the more outraged I am. This was an offensive pick in more ways than one can even list. Bush picked an unqualified women, who he felt comfortable with, rather than the relatively large number of excellent conservatives who could have been confirmed. He has betrayed his supporters, and for what? I don't often agree with Daily Kos, but:

my early sense is that this is already a victory -- both politically and judicially -- for Democrats. In fact, it should be great fun watching conservatives go after Bush. He may actually break that 39-40 floor in the polls, given he's just pissed off the very people who have propped up his failed presidency.
Strangely, enough, I believe that Bush has now risked everything in his presidency. Bush needs loyalty from his base in order to maintain support for policies, like the War for the Liberation of Iraq, but this treachery is unlikely to generate loyalty. What is more, Bush has made it much harder for the Republicans to win in 2008, because a holding a coalition together will now be close to impossible.

Update: Some readers appear to have misunderstood my claim here. I was not opposed to President Bush selecting a women. My concern is that he overlooked many more qualified and demonstrably conservative ones, like Karen Williams.