The Right Coast

October 20, 2005
How High a Price Will Bush Pay for Miers?
By Mike Rappaport

He has paid a large one already, but if Robert Novack's column is true, it is going to get larger. Thought the National Guard story was dead? Well, maybe not:

Littwin's federal suit claimed Miers protected Gtech because its lobbyist, former Lt. Gov. Ben Barnes as Texas House speaker, had pushed Bush ahead of other applicants for the Texas Air National Guard during the Vietnam War. Democrat Barnes had been silent until a 1999 deposition by him said he had pushed young Bush to the head of the line. Barnes, who received from Gtech $3 million a year and $23 million in separation pay, told me that the Bush air national guard story has "absolutely nothing" to do with his settlement. Littwin is silent under terms of a $300,000 settlement ending his suit. Former Texas Chief Justice John Hill, a member of the Lottery Commission at the time, told me: ''There is no substance at all to these charges.'' Miers handled the case ''with care and judiciousness," Hill added.