The Right Coast

October 27, 2005
Glorious, Glorious
By Mike Rappaport

Well, that was sweet. The withdrawel of the Harriet Miers nomination is an event that is both great and extremely satisfying. After a campaign waged by the "intellectual" side of the right wing, the White House was forced to correct its mistake and to save the country from someone who showed the promise of being not just a mediocre, but an absolutely horrible justice.

Yesterday, after the publication of her speech on abortion and judicial activism, I predicted that "Miers will be withdrawn quickly. Within a week,I would guess." I then watched several Senators and various pundits, including Fred Barnes, who is extremely irritating on this subject, state that Miers would only be withdrawn if she did badly at the hearings. Thank God they were wrong.

There will be time enough to worry about the next nominee tomorrow. But for today, I will just savor the victory.