The Right Coast

September 07, 2005
Same-Sex Marriage and Democracy
By Mike Rappaport

It is amazing how anti-democratic the movement for same sex marriage is. In various states, including Massachusetts, the measure only had a chance of being implemented by the courts, against the will of the legislature. Now, in California, the legislature has finally passed a same sex marriage bill, which the Governor has not yet decided whether to sign. But this apparently democratic decision violates a ballot measure that Californians voted for "overwhelmingly in 2000 that defined marriage as between a man and a woman." Clearly, same sex marriage is a measure that is supported by elites, but not by the common person. Over time, though, one would expect that the views of the elites to spread.

Update: Ethan Leib argues that the legislative action is not anti-democratic, but I am not buying: That a ballot measure is simple and therefore easy for voters to understand, and was enacted five years ago, do not constitute arguments against its democratic nature.