The Right Coast

September 22, 2005
Republican Spending
By Mike Rappaport

William Niskanan, the Chairman of the Cato Institute, writes:

The war on terrorism has been a rationale for increased spending, but not its primary cause. President Bush has endorsed a substantial increase in spending for agriculture, defense, education, energy, homeland security, Medicare, and transportation -- only a trivial amount of which is a direct response to Sept. 11 -- all the while refusing to veto a single spending bill. The primary cause of the rapid increase in federal spending to date is that the Bush administration and too many Republicans in Congress have embraced big government conservatism in both foreign and domestic policy at the expense of their traditional party commitment to fiscal responsibility.
These guys are losing me. And if the Republicans are losing someone as relatively loyal as me, that may signal that they have a big problem. The bottom line: not raising taxes is not enough; you have to hold the line on spending.