The Right Coast

September 01, 2005
London Review of "Anti-Zionism"
By Maimon Schwarzschild

From the "letters" page of the London Review of Books:

Menachem Kellner, from the University of Haifa, cites the LRB's weird claim that Lebanon's troubles as a country "began" when an Israeli "death squad" killed three Palestinian "politicians" in 1973. The three, as Kellner points out, were senior Black September operatives directly involved in planning and carrying out the massacre of Israeli athletes at the 1972 Munich Olympics. "If these three are ‘politicians’, concludes Kellner, then so are those responsible for the recent London bombings."

And on the same letters page, from Edward Luttwak:
[Nick] Cheel writes of the ‘gerrymandering that has deprived Palestinian refugees of their legal, political and human rights’. They were not ‘gerrymandered’, they were defeated, and if Cheel now wants to undo the consequences of all contemporary victories -- and why only [contemporary ones]? -- he must want to return Ukrainian Lviv to the Poles, western Ruthenia to the Czechs (or to the Slovaks?), Koenigsberg to the Germans and so on. Or does Cheel have his own, no doubt excellent, reasons for confining his revisionism to just one country and just one people?
Some small credit to the LRB for printing these letters, I suppose. But no credit at all for the LRB's systematic and visceral ill will toward the Jewish state. An ill will by no means unique to the London Review of Books, though none the less ugly for all that.